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Five Star Publishing, Inc. publishes regionalized trade magazines following a simple format; we believe advertising does not need to be complicated to be effective. The basic, tried and true formula for print advertising campaign success is to print a large number of magazines that are directly mailed (via USPS) to a large number of people who have a need for your type of equipment and services to run their businesses.

Benefits of Advertising in Our Magazines

Proof of Mailing

We quote mailed circulation, not readership, so you’ll know how many magazines are actually being mailed. We provide proof of our mailing by providing the official U.S. postal receipt for every title we publish each month.

High-Quality, updated mailing list

Our database contains a total of over 500,000 individual, highly qualified potential buyers.  A large portion of this list is compiled from UCC filings of active equipment buyers, allowing you to reach your target audience.

Regional and national coverage options

We offer several regional options, allowing you  a great amount of flexibility in your desired coverage area. You can personalize your ad to suit different regions and the type of industry within that particular area. You won’t pay for coverage you don’t need.

Marketing plans to fit any size budget

We offer a wide range of ad sizes and prices to suit your budget. We are very competitively priced and can provide you actual cost per piece based on actual mailed circulation numbers.

“I am always on the lookout for value in our advertising dollar. The one stand-out in our advertising budget is Five Star Publishing magazines. I can always tell when the magazines have been mailed because of the increase in call volume. And Five Star Publishing’s customer service is always excellent in every way–from the initial contact through the billing process. You can count on the folks at Five Star to follow through and care about getting your company noticed!”

Horst Welding

Easy-to-understand marketing advice

We take pride in working with our advertisers to put together plans that meets their needs. Let us help you tailor a plan that meets your goals.

Internet marketing integrated with print advertising

We publish each edition of our print magazine on our companion web sites. Your ad in the online magazine will have a direct link to your web site, giving you additional digital coverage at no additional charge.

“The rate of response for our products has doubled since we began advertising in Five Star Publishing magazines. We are reaching our target market, and have had great success as a direct result of our advertising.”

Bair Products

“The staff say they can always tell when and where we run an ad with Five Star Publishing, because the phone starts ringing off the wall with calls from specific areas a couple weeks after the issue is mailed out.”

Chop Rite II

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